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Details for: Varghese A. Emerging Nanomaterials for Catalysis and Sensor Applications 2023



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Textbook in PDF format This book reviews emerging nanomaterials in catalysis and sensors. The catalysis section covers the role of nano-photocatalysts in organic synthesis and health care application, oxidation and sulphoxidation reactions, liquid phase oxidation, hydrogen evolution and environmental remediation. It highlights the correlation of surface properties and catalytic activity of the mesoporous materials. The sensor section discusses the fabrication and development of various electrochemical, chemical, and biosensors. Features: Combines catalysis and sensor applications of nanomaterials, including detailed synthesis techniques of these materials. Explores methods of designing, engineering, and fabricating nanomaterials. Covers material efficiency, their detection limit for sensing different analytes and other properties of the materials. Discusses sustainability of nano materials in the industrial sector. Includes case studies to address the challenges faced by research and development sectors. This book is aimed at researchers and graduate students in Chemical Engineering, Nanochemistry, Water Treatment Engineering and Labs, Industries, Research Labs in Catalysis and Sensors, Environmental Engineering, and Process Engineering. The Role of Nanomaterials in Sustainable Organic Synthesis Nanocatalysts in Oxidation and Sulfoxidation Reactions Correlation of Surface Properties and Catalytic Activity of Metal Aluminophosphates Carbon Supported Noble Metal Nanocatalysts for Liquid Phase Oxidation Reactions Metal Oxide Nanomaterials for Visible Light Photocatalysis Progress in Photocatalysis for Hydrogen Evolution and Environmental Remediation Nanostructured Materials for Sensors Applications Synthesis of Fluorescent Nanosensor for Biomedical Engineering Applications of Peptide Luminescent Nanosensors Graphene- Based Hybrid Nano Composites for Bio/Chemical Sensors Nanomaterial-Based Electrochemical Sensors for Vitamins and Hormones Economic Analysis, Environmental Impact, Future Prospects and Mechanistic Understandings of Nanosensors and Nanocatalysis